fullsizerender7‘Panis Mellitus’ or honey n’ bread has been around for centuries. According to the history books, cultures have been combining honey and flour to make sweet nourishing food all over the world since antiquity. As conquerers and explorers traveled the world, they brought their food with them. In that spirit, I share my cooking experiences with the world. This is my cooking journal. Eccolo…

A little about me:  I love to cook while watching sports. I love to learn about the science of food and mesh together ingredients from different parts of the world.  I also love to write – which is why I created this blog. It also serves as an archive for me (and you) since I always try variations of recipes and as a result, need to catalog the variations so I can repeat the recipe at a later date. Since I am an American of South Asian or Indian descent, a number of my recipes are Indian. Madrid Day 1 055aFor those recipes, I try to provide enough information about Indian spices, lentils, etc to reduce confusion when trying to find or purchase such ingredients. Many ingredients that are found in Indian grocery stores are spelled in ‘hindi’ phonetically, so I will provide the english and the ‘hindi’ word for the ingredient for that purpose. I am also a bit of health nut so most of my recipes are pretty healthy. That said, there are a few desserts that I indulge in that contain butter or cream. However, my philosophy is most things are okay in moderation (i.e. eating it once every few months) assuming you eat with a sense of awareness about the food that you put in your body.

All photographs on this blog are taken by me.